Ireland Bird and Nature Photography is run by husband and wife team, Rosie and Tony. They are both long established bloggers and photographers who decided to start a new joint blog detailing their photography adventures across the island of Ireland. 

They are so excited to share their stories, their photos and what they are learning.

  • In this blog you will learn how to take great nature photographs whether in your own garden or out and about in the countryside.
  • You will find out about the gear that Rosie and Tony recommend for taking on photography trips.
  • Discover useful books for your own further reading on birds, nature, natural history and photography.
  • Learn more about biodiversity loss, bird flu and how climate change is affecting this island.

Aim of This Blog

Rosie and Tony believe in stewardship and they are concerned with habitat loss across this island. They want this blog to promote Ireland’s biodiversity and encourage others to take an interest in wildlife and in particular birds as over 25% of Ireland’s bird species are threatened with extinction.

Rosie is originally from Co Down but worked in the Scottish horticultural industry for almost 20 years. She has appeared on BBC Scotland's Beechgrove Garden on TV showcasing her leavesnbloom flower, garden and nature photography. Her work has been featured in Practical Photography Magazine and The Herald Magazine aswell as by the Press Association in the Irish News, TV3 Ireland, Belfast Newsletter, Femail (Daily Mail) and other UK newspapers.

Tony is originally from New Zealand and owns the New Zealand blog Boneywhitefoot Nature Photography. While living outside Wellington he ran bird photography workshops on the North Island and Pelagic bird photography workshops on the Cook Strait. He still manages the Kiwi Bird Photography Group on Facebook.

Tony Fluerty photographing birds
Along Newry Towpath photographing birds

They moved to Co Armagh during the Covid 19 pandemic and live close to the border. As a result they travel across the island of Ireland on their bird and nature photography adventures and share their stories here.