Anti-crepuscular rays at Flagstaff Viewpoint, Newry

Earlier this year Rosie and I experienced some amazing anti-crepuscular rays at Flagstaff Viewpoint over looking Carlingford Lough.

Anti-crepuscular rays, or anti-solar rays are meteorological optical phenomena similar to crepuscular rays, but appear opposite the sun in the sky. Anti-crepuscular rays are essentially parallel, but appear to converge toward the anti-solar point i.e the vanishing point, due to a visual illusion from the linear perspective.

Anti-crepuscular rays are most frequently visible around sunrise or sunset. This is because the atmospheric light scattering that makes them visible (backscattering) is larger for low angles to the horizon than most other angles. 

Anti-crepuscular rays can be continuous with crepuscular rays, curving across the whole sky in great circles.

Anticrepuscular rays at sunset, Flagstaff Viewpoint Newry over looking Carlingford Lough
The rays of light converging almost in the middle of Carlingford Lough between the Mourne Mountains to the left of the frame and the Cooley Mountains in Ireland on the right of the frame.